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91APP 九易宇軒

91APP亞洲最大OMO虛實融合開店解決方案品牌。透過雲端系統服務,為零售業品牌打造功能強大的專屬 APP、行動購物官網以及虛實融合OMO 解決方案。

Cloud Interactive 雲端互動

雲端互動(Cloud Interactive)是一間以「UX/UI設計」、「軟體開發」、「人工智慧應用」為主的全方位顧問公司。「專業、創新、挑戰、細心」是雲端互動的特質。

Media Zone Tech


Wistron 緯創資通


GAIA 蓋亞資訊


thingnario 慧景科技

We devise deep learning based computer vision algorithms in recognition, detection, mining, and forecasting over large-scale photos and videos and numerous cameras types. We reveal valuable and hidden insights from your unstructured visual data.

KaiOS 愷易

We operate as a startup but are backed by several large technology firms. Our team has over 300 people spread out in offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xi’An, Taipei, San Diego, Paris,and Bangalore. KaiOS is a Hong Kong-based company.

CoolBitX 庫幣

CoolBitX aims to lower the barriers for people to enter the crypto world. Making blockchain applications more approachable and compliant, allowing people to store cryptocurrencies easily and safely are our missions.


XREX helps blockchain-focused organizations save time and money with product development, production maintenance, security, scalability, and compliance efforts.

TaiNai 泰奈科技

致力於 B2B軟體解決方案的客製化開發,團隊中的每一位成員在相關領域及開發技術上,都有著相當豐富的經驗。從巨量即時的資料交換到前端趨勢的大數據分析,我們將每個創新的想法落實為創造價值的產品,引領客戶立足市場、達成商業目標。