• 領導技術團隊,技術團隊協助管理和監控所有內部開發時程。
  • 從設計到發佈,管理多個系統開發狀況。
  • 了解內部專案需求,執行分析與設計並交付給團隊。
  • 參予完整的軟體開發流程:規格制定、建構設計、程式實做、系統整合
  • 需有技術領導能力,分析並解決問題。
  • 具有相關設計經驗佳 (金流、SEO、串流影音)。

Technical Skill Set

Front End

  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Javascript and modern JS frameworks including AngularJS, React, jQuery, Bootstrap
  • Build/Packaging tools including Jenkins, Maven, node/npm, Grunt, Webpack
  • RESTful services
  • Code versioning tools such as GIT/SVN

Back End

  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript, .NET, .NET Core
  • Single-page application with Bootstrap and AngularJS, React and Redux
  • ASP.NET (MVC, Web API, Web Forms, SignalR)
  •  Node.js
  • SQL with Entity Framework
  • Xmerian, React Native
  • Elasticsearch, MongoDB, message queues
  • Google Analytics, Firebase
  • Git (GitLab, GitHub, BitBucket)
  • Office Automation
  • Unit tests, build servers (TeamCity, GitLab CI, etc), package managers (NuGet, Bower, NPM, etc)
  • Object-oriented design and domain driven design, API design (RESTful)
  • Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code

Familiar with following Streaming Server

  • Wowza Streaming Server
  • Nginx Streaming Server


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  1. Consultant in charge
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    面試約一小時,過程很像在聊天。公司要建一個 5~10 人的 team,另外大陸市場也已經有在營運,會有兩三個不同部門在公司裡。

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