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Lucid 美商露西德

Founded in 2015, Lucid has AI and technology experts around the world to serve both enterprise and small-business customers. With strong backgrounds in graph structures, computer vision, AI, and machine learning, we are well suited to boosting your business goals.

awoo 阿物科技

成立於 2015 年, 2017 年起獲得矽谷多位知名軟體投資家與企業家連續投資。目前於東京、嘉義、台北與高雄皆設有營運據點,擁有 30 位專職人工智慧團隊成員的 AI Lab,服務超過 16,000 名企業用戶,致力協助客戶進行數位轉型,達成商業目標。

Synergies 訊能集思

Synergies Intelligent Systems, Inc. devotes to developing an artificial intelligence business decision platform. Through data insight, behavior forecasting, and process automation, Synergies assists enterprises in solving problems in daily operations, production and sales supply chain, production manufacturing processes, and achieving an intelligent management through data analysis.

Incubit 日商因可比特

Incubit is a leading AI solutions provider headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with a branch office in Taipei, Taiwan. We are a group of individuals with a passion for creating solutions to interesting problems of great social significance by making the best of our abilities.

Deep Sentinel 亞齊國際

Deep Sentinel 於 2017 年的美國加州,由 Dave Selinger 創立,創辦人有豐富的創業經歷,其中不乏成功 IPO 的公司。目前公司大約有 40 人,總部位於美國加州,工程團隊分別位於美國和台灣。

Deep Sentinel 是一家提供保全服務的新創公司,結合 AI 運算和遠端保全即時監控,主動嚇阻各種威脅。

Wistron 緯創資通


thingnario 慧景科技

We devise deep learning based computer vision algorithms in recognition, detection, mining, and forecasting over large-scale photos and videos and numerous cameras types. We reveal valuable and hidden insights from your unstructured visual data.

MemryX 邁瑞科技

MemryX Inc is a USA-based startup company specializing in AI accelerator design, with office in Taipei. MemryX is backed by prominent investors and industry leaders, and offers a great career opportunity for both young and experienced engineers.

ICard.AI 前進智能