Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q1. Does JECHO charge for finding jobs?

Every service that JECHO provides, including customized resumes and mock interviews, is free of charge.

Q2. What’s the difference between JECHO’s service and other general hunting firm?

We ‘ll make sure that every vacancy meets the expectation of our candidates before sending their resumes.
Not only does JECHO find suitable jobs for candidates, but also wish to maintain long-term relation with them.

Q3. How do I find jobs through JECHO?

1. Upload the resume to JECHO, our consultants will reach you and recommend suitable vacancies to you.
2. Find vacancies you’re interested in on “Job Titles” and “Companies” page and click “APPLY FOR IT”.

Q4. What kind of service will JECHO provide after uploading resumes?

Reach candidates and arrange following process: understanding their needs via phone, recommending suitable vacancies, providing mock interviews and delivering customized resumes.

Q5. Can I find jobs through location?

1. Search vacancies via key words on “Job Titles” page.
2. Find vacancies in specific locations through the map on “Job Titles” page.

Q6. Do I have to fill in real personal information when uploading resumes?

Please be sure to fill out real personal information, so as to enable our consultants to reach you directly.

Q7. Why does job type on JECHO seem to be focused on specific field?

JECHO has been specializing in IT industry recruitment and career consultation. We’re able to provide the most suitable vacancy and professional matching service.

Q8. Why do some particular vacancies have continuous recruitment?

1. They need more talents to join due to the expansion of companies.
2. They have higher standard.

Q9. Where can I see the salary number/ range of every jobs on JECHO?

We won’t provide actual salary number or range on JECHO. Instead, we’ll give you the number that meets your expectation base on your background experience.

Q10. How will JECHO grasp my potential salary range?

We’ll grasp your potential salary range after we fully understand your career background, instead of judging it only by your previous salary number in haste.

Q11. What you should notice before going to an interview.

Understand the company’s background

Find out the company’s management model and prospect through its official website or your consultant, so as to clarify whether you can fit in or not.

Prepare for questions about your skills and experience

Show your advantages through following items:

  • Job content
  • Responsibilities
  • Professional skills
  • Special contribution

Emphasize your self-learning ability to bring up your strong intention toward new techniques.
E.g.: Subscribe online courses, such as Coursera or Udemy.

Prepare for common questions

Be familiar with the content of your resume, and prepare for common questions such as expected salary, reason for leaving or challenges you’ve encountered.

Q12. What you should notice on the day you interview.

Be sure to be on time
  • Do you need to arrive earlier?
    10-15 mins earlier is acceptable. It’ll cause inconvenience if you arrive too early.
  • How do you deal with being late?
    Notify the company or your consultant and explain the reason ASAP. Sincerely apologize when you arrive.
  • What do you do when you can’t make it to the interview?
    Notify the company at least half day in advance and explain the reason.
Try not to arrange more than one interview a day.

If your first interview goes well but longer than you expected, which makes you look anxious about being late for the next one, may affect your impression to the interviewer.

Wear appropriate clothing

You may ask your consultant to give professional advice according to the job title and company culture.

Be careful of what shouldn’t be mentioned

For example, don’t ever criticize your previous company or your leader.