Welhunt has well acknowledged the market background and trend to confront any situation proactively, addressing our imperatives. We have put cost control and efficiency of our businesses on the top agenda through developments of mid to long term company strategy that include substantial investment in differentiating upstream and downstream assets in core and new geographies that allows us to control and utilize our cost efficiency management of commodities that we trade.

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  • 負責企業內部系統後台管理
  • 維護公司網路和資料,進行備份工作及防毒軟體安裝
  • 負責硬體管理及維護 (notebook, IP phone, router, switch, AP, 事務機)
  • 管理Fortinet防火墙以及監控資料庫與伺服器使用狀況
  • 管理統籌建設與監控公司整體資安架構與基礎建設
  • 協助公司同仁排除電腦相關使用障礙


  • Maintain and monitor the back-end system within Welhunt
  • Make sure the Internet work properly and handle the security related issue and setup the backup and recovery mechanism
  • Manage and maintain the assets within Welhunt (notebook, IP , Phone, router ,switch, AP …etc)
  • Manage Fortinet firewall
  • Manage and setup the database, cyber security infrastructure and monitor the status of server
  • Learn and apply the related cutting edge technology if necessary, and willingness to explore and possibly implement open source solutions


  • 須具備英語溝通能力
  • 具備防火牆架設與IDS設置技術
  • 熟悉Linux/Unix與Windows作業系統故障排除與安裝
  • 熟悉Shell script/Power Shell
  • 具備硬體軟體故障排除能力
  • 具備資料庫架設與權限管理能力
  • 有以下方面的經驗。Office 365, RAID, VMWare, 無線AP設置
  • 具備專案管理技能,能統籌相關資源與人力,達成目標任務


  • 具備架設AWS 雲端基礎建設經驗
  • 具有資安與MIS相關證照

Must have

  • Able to communicate in English
  • Able to setup firewall and have the knowledge of IDS setting
  • Familiar with the Linux/Unix/Windows operating system
  • Familiar with the Shell and Power Shell
  • Able to conduct abnormal removal and maintenance on software and hardware
  • Able to build and manage database
  • Experience in: Office 365, RAID, VMWare, Wireless AP settings
  • Good in communication and project management

Nice to have

  • Experience of setting the infrastructure on AWS
  • System security or MIS related certification


  • 良好的溝通能力
  • 具備強大且快速的學習能力
  • 英語方面很熟練


  • 終身學習的覺悟
  • 誠信、熱情、重視團隊合作
  • 專業精神和道德行為
  • 共同成長的雙贏思維


  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong learning ability
  • Proficiency in English


  • Life-long learning commitment
  • Integrity, enthusiasm, and value teamwork
  • Professionalism and ethical behavior
  • Growth mindset and think win-win

技能標籤: AWS, IDS, linux, unix