MemryX Inc is a USA-based startup company specializing in AI accelerator design, with office in Taipei. MemryX is backed by prominent investors and industry leaders, and offers a great career opportunity for both young and experienced engineers.

Job description

  • Ownership of a small ARM SoC system(design and integration)
  • SoC and simulation and verification
  • FPGA verification
  • Run all digital design flow(synthesis/STA/lint/LEC/…) for tape out
  • Backend contact window
  • Chip bring up and test tasks
  • Manage 2-3 members

Job requirement

  • BS, MS or PhD in electrical engineering, computer engineering or computer science with a special focus on digital system design, computer architecture or computer hardware design
  • 5~15 years of industry experience is preferred
  • Experience in RTL design. Verilog is required and SystemVerilog
  • Experience in ARM processor, bus design, SoC integration, standard interfaces protocols and common IP blocks
  • Experience in design flows for simulation, synthesis, verification, design for testing, static timing analysis, logic equivalence check, etc.
  • Experience in chip tape-out and volume production, especially in 28/12nm nodes
  • Skilled in system verification such as FPGA prototype buildup and debug
  • Familiarity with script programming such as shell script, make, Python, etc.
  • Willing to take on challenges, and effective English communications and co-work with other team members
  • Experience in lead a team to go through all tape out process

Compensation and benefits

  • Salary + bonus: NTD 2.5M-4M/year
  • Stock option offerings
  • Generous PTO and benefits
  • High growth potential
  • Competitive salary 1~>3M
  • Stock option offerings
  • Generous PTO and benefits
  • High growth potential

技能標籤: GIT, github, linux, MCU