• Experience in board bring up and analyzing crash dumps.
  • Experience in ASM/C/C++ programming.
  • Strong embedded software debugging skills on Qualcomm platform.

Essential Requirements

  • Familiarity with Linux/Android development environment and tools
  • Familiarity with JTAG debug environments (Trace-32 with PRACTICE scripting language experience preferred).
  • Knowledge of processor architecture including familiarity with caches, MMUs & interrupt handling.
  • Understanding of clock trees, bus/fabric interconnects.
  • Familiarity with ARM architecture, ARM assembly, emulators/JTAG-debuggers.

Desirable Pluses

  • Knowledge of Android frameworks.
  • High motivation, the ability to learn quickly.

技能標籤: ARM, ASM, C++, JTAG, Stability

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  1. Iris
    以下內容由 JECHO 顧問群向人選取得面試回饋,或由人選主動提供,請勿任意轉載。

    5 年以上 Android 核心開發經驗。
    面試時間約兩小時,一開始跟工程師聊工作經歷;後來主管進來談做過的案子,有問到比較想做 driver 或 stability。談完之後主管請 HR 進來問現在薪資與期望待遇。
    談完之後覺得很 OK,工時的部分滿吸引人的。