Lucid’s team consists of AI and machine learning researchers from the top universities in the world such as Stanford, Berkeley, Georgia Tech, etc. They have worked for decades and become exceptional in areas such as – computer vision, natural language processing, and relationship interpretation. The Lucid portal and AI assistant are the embodiment of their research and innovation in unsupervised deep learning which your videos and website traffic will benefit from.

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  • Work on our core products to build out backend infrastructure for doing blockchain operations, such as chain monitoring, recommendations, media retrieval, and marketplace integration
  • Work with our computer vision and AI teams to integrate blockchain data with our machine learning algorithms
  • Develop systems with attention to performance, stability, scalability and reliability
  • Collaborate closely with a cross-functional team (including designers, marketing manager, BD and PM) to create new features for users
  • Have opportunities to work on new applications and technologies (e.g., new blockchains, new APIs, Rust, etc.)


  • Passionate about solving challenging problems, and developing fast, reliable and robust APIs and systems
  • Experience working with Python, including numpy, pandas, requests, and API development
  • Experience with document-oriented databases and relational databases
  • Experience with CI/CD
  • Experience with GCP, Docker, kubernetes
  • Experience with Git version control
  • Familiar with Html/CSS/JavaScript (knowledge of front-end framework (ReactJS) is a plus
  • Experience with C++ is a plus

技能標籤: AI, python