Welhunt has well acknowledged the market background and trend to confront any situation proactively, addressing our imperatives. We have put cost control and efficiency of our businesses on the top agenda through developments of mid to long term company strategy that include substantial investment in differentiating upstream and downstream assets in core and new geographies that allows us to control and utilize our cost efficiency management of commodities that we trade.

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  • 每日ERP 伺服器的維護作業, 包含OS 更新, 資料庫備份, 事件追蹤及報修
  • 監控ERP 伺服器的健康狀況
  • 建立SQL 查詢程式及報表
  • 制定ERP及BPM 流程
  • Oracle 資料庫的管理
  • 管理備份軟體


  • 3年以上IT 相關工作經驗
  • 曾經擔任過專案經理或是功能性專案經理
  • 具備鼎新ERP 或Crystal Report 經驗
  • 具備VMWare 維護經驗
  • 曾經擔任過專案經理或是功能性專案經理
  • 具備設計流程、測試流程的經驗


We are seeking ERP technical support to

  • Maintain ERP servers on a daily basis
  • Monitor ERP servers’ physical status
  • Build SQL query and report
  • Building ERP and BPM workflow
  • Oracle database management and maintenance
  • Administration of backup software


  • 3 years of work experience in an IT-related position
  • Work as a project lead or functional PM
  • Experience in Digiwin ERP or Crystal Report
  • Experience in VMWare
  • Work as a project lead or functional PM
  • Experience with business process design and test process

技能標籤: BPM, ERP, oracle, SQL