• The state of the art hardware components to run our code.
  • A pack of aces to work with.
  • An open mind for new ideas and opinions.
  • Luxury imaging lab full of tuning equipment.


  • Correlate and automate software for optimized image processing tuning
  • Tune the image analysis and image processing settings.
  • Tune the Auto-Focus, Auto Exposure, Auto White Balance configurations.
  • Maintain lunched products for OTA update and fast feedback for urgent problems, and make weakness summary.
  • Own Architecture for new projects and SW/HW solution evaluation from raw data to jpeg with optimized tuning.
  • Compare latest flagship especially in SW side and provide IQ effect comparison reports.

Essential Requirements

  • You are critical in color and brightness.
  • You have a good sense of photography, videography.
  • You have strong understanding of Exposure settings, White balance.
  • You understand how artificial or natural light effects image and video quality.
  • You are familiar with 3A (Auto Focus, Auto White Balance, Auto Exposure) and ISP (Image signal processing), and third party (HDR/MFNR/Bokeh/EIS…)related exposure/color/texture/noise effect optimization. Qualcomm flagship chip is better.
  • You have imaging effect optimization experience with Spring, T-mobile, AT&T, DxO…etc. is better.
  • You have clear logic and communication ability.
  • You Can modify and develop 3A/ISP algorithm to improve effects is better.
  • You like traveling.
  • You can take pressure during product launch periods and work extra hours.


技能標籤: 3a algorithm, isp algorithm

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  1. Amy
    以下內容由 JECHO 顧問群向人選取得面試回饋,或由人選主動提供,請勿任意轉載。

    10 年以上行動裝置多媒體經驗,包含相機等功能。
    面試時間約 3 小時,和 camera tuning team lead 談,主要聊經歷和專案,也有聊到現在 tuning team 裡約有幾名 team member,談的氣氛滿好、滿順利的。
    後來和 HR 談現在薪資和期望薪資,談完對於 OnePlus 的機會很有興趣。