Waves is the world-leading developer of audio technologies for professional sound productions and consumer electronics. Recipient of a Technical GRAMMY®, top professionals rely on Waves to create industry leading content. Leveraging over 25 years of achievement in professional audio, Waves offers intelligent technologies to ensure exceptional audio experience on consumer electronic and smart communication devices for home and IoT

The Waves Consumer Division under its Maxx brand takes professional studio-quality IP and implements it in consumer electronics devices to ensure premium sound quality and enhanced audio playback.

Waves technologies dramatically improve audio output as well as input, delivering a crystal-clear, immersive listening experience, in addition to unmatched VOIP communications capabilities and performance enhancement for Automatic Speech Recognition. When it comes to offering all-inclusive sound solutions, Waves is in a class of its own.


    • Waves consumer IC and software licensing solutions cover a wide range of audio processing tools available for license.
    • Waves IP and Hardware is adopted by leading companies in the consumer electronics market, including Dell, Toshiba, Sony, Lenovo, Sanyo, NEC, Fujitsu, JVC, Clarion, Altec Lansing, and many more.
    • Plugins
    • Bundles
    • SoundGrid Studio System
    • Mixers & Racks
    • DiGiGrid
    • Hardware
    • Waves Certification


The following describes the desired profile for the required jobs. For clarity, we expect that each candidate would carry a critical mass of the required skills as described below.

  • Experience with international companies.
  • Goal oriented.
  • Willing and having ability to learn new technologies.
  • Excellent communication and documentation skills in English.
  • Excellent technical and leadership skills are a must.


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  1. 負責顧問
    以下內容由 JECHO 顧問群向人選取得面試回饋,或由人選主動提供,請勿任意轉載。

    10 年業界經驗,資深 FAE,富含智慧型手機音頻校準和調整技術,多項音頻計畫證照。

    面試時間約兩小時半,分三大流程,包含技術考試 (Cortana 驗證、聽力測試)、Testing Engineer 壓力測試、主管面試 (包含簡單技術及英文測驗)。

  2. 負責顧問
    以下內容由 JECHO 顧問群向人選取得面試回饋,或由人選主動提供,請勿任意轉載。

    10 年相關經驗,豐富 ANC、音頻處理技術,並熟悉音頻相關認證程序。
    擅長 Audio Precision、Head Acoustic、B&K、CMU200、CMW500、CLIO

    由 HR 面談,HR 很專業,藉由這次面試對公司印象大大加分,時間約一小時半。
    問題問得頗細,包含工作成就、挑戰、喜歡/討厭的工作環境、喜歡/討厭的主管類型。覺得整體表現有達到 7-8 分,不好掌握 HR 的回應是否正面,但整體下來算蠻順利。面談可能會有 4 關,等候通知。