QNAP 威聯通科技 專注於儲存、網通及智慧視訊產品創新,透過軟體訂閱制及多元化服務管道建構嶄新的科技生態圈。QNAP 致力研發軟體應用,匠心優化硬體設計,並設立自有生產線以提供全面而先進的科技解決方案。

這是 JECHO 中高階轉職平台職缺投遞表單,我們將依您的投遞需求處理您的投遞申請。如有其他轉職需求,歡迎您持續使用 JECHO 中高階轉職平台,或連繫 我們的顧問
上傳簡歷或其他相關檔案。最大檔案大小:40 MB


  • Reply Helpdesk tickets and answer product questions
  • Provide after-sale support, hand-on technical troubleshooting
  • Maintain and service our customers to ensure 100% customer satisfaction
  • Generate technical FAQ
  • Coordinate and manage RMA process


  • Familiar to Windows, Linux, iOS and Vmware environment
  • Technical skills on RAID/FC/iSCSI/NAS and Cluster with installation and configuration technical trainings


  • Work independently and proactively manage urgent case
  • Multi-tasking abilities and able to prioritize tasks based on business and technical criteria
  • Good communications skills and customer relations are a must.
  • Be self-motivated and able to work with minimal direct supervision. Must have a desire to learn new technologies

★ 本職務工作地點為台灣總部,未來視韓國業務發展情況,有機會常駐韓國

技能標籤: FAE, iOS, linux, vmware, windows