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“Join Incubit to be part of Unexplored Solutions.”


Incubit is a leading AI solutions provider headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with a branch office in Taipei, Taiwan. We are a group of individuals with a passion for creating solutions to interesting problems of great social significance by making the best of our abilities.

“Projects, People, and Flexibility make Incubit unique.”

  • You can be part of the change
  • Global and open-minded team
  • Remote work, flexible hours and work-life balance
  • Welcome to Japan – Full relocation support for you and your family


  • 喜歡解決複雜的問題
  • 充滿好奇心、喜歡學習新事物
  • 善於溝通、將複雜的議題解釋清楚
  • 承擔責任
  • 追求效率



  • Mission: Create Unexplored Solutions
    Our mission is to create one-of-a-kind solutions that turn our clients’ passion for their business and products into valuable outputs that positively impact society, through the combination of their key knowledge and the cutting-edge technology we provide.
  • Vision: Create an Ecosystem that brings continuous change
    We aim to create not just a product, but an “ecosystem that brings continuous change, based on influential ideas”.
  • Management Principles:
    • Maintain a high quality from a diverse set of viewpoints.
    • Developments are strategically embedded in a sustainable/healthy way.

主要商品 / 服務項目

We focus on image recognition, image generation, and point cloud analysis utilizing Deep Learning technology.

  • Solution Creation Business:
    Mitou Solution Development
  • Product-based AI Engine Business:
    IncuVision – Image recognition Deep Learning engine


  • 到職就有優於勞基法特休假
  • 每年額外享有暑假5天
  • 需要的硬軟體設備實報實銷
  • 書籍、課程、外語學習補助每月每人NTD 3,000
  • 每年員工健檢(NTD 25,000)
  • 定期赴日開會聚餐
  • 副業OK!
  • 彈性工時與遠端工作
  • 流感疫苗補助
  • 赴日搬遷、簽證流程與費用補助