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Incubit 日商因可比特


LH Network 立亨網絡


MediConCen 醫結

MediConCen is the next generation of medical network powered by blockchain technology. It is just another Uber for doctors that mobilizes latent supply allowing doctors to set their own price.

CoolBitX 庫幣

CoolBitX aims to lower the barriers for people to enter the crypto world. Making blockchain applications more approachable and compliant, allowing people to store cryptocurrencies easily and safely are our missions.

Aura 奥拉

2011年 Aura 成立于班加罗尔(印度), 2018年1月被中资收购并入宁波奥拉,被 EEtime 评为 2017 年最受关注的 60 家 IC 公司,印度唯一入选的公司。
管理与研发核心成员曾任职于美国知名半导体公司;开发团队的核心成员拥有累计 150 年全球芯片设计经验;运营团队具有全球芯片制造与质量管控经验;销售与技术支持更具有丰富经验。
Aura is a fabless semiconductor company innovating high performance IC products for IoT Radios, Timing and Portable Audio markets.

Dinngo 夾梓星冰樂

成立於美國舊金山的 DINNGO,是一間成長快速且穩定的區塊鏈公司。我們看見區塊鏈的技術將在未來緊密地被金融產業所採納,也感到非常的幸運能夠集結一群來自各個領域的優秀人才。希望在未來的五年內,讓金融真正的走入大家的日常生活中。


Motiv is a breakthrough wearable technology company focused on designing products that fit seamlessly into people’s lives and keep them living better. Motiv creates products people want to wear, are easy to use and deliver meaningful experiences.

Carota 科絡達

Carota has rich experiences in providing OTA upgrade technologies, introducing multi-industry technologies, as well as deploying comprehensive and flexible solutions for the cloud and end users. We can help auto factories achieve a rapid and seamless integration with OTA technologies

Tencent 腾讯



Supercell is a mobile game developer based in Helsinki, Finland, with offices in San Francisco, Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing, we have brought four games to the market – Hay Day, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Clash Royale. Supercell aims to create games that millions of people will play for years or decades to come.