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Atlantis Technology 亞特蘭蒂斯科技


Lucid 美商露西德

Founded in 2015, Lucid has AI and technology experts around the world to serve both enterprise and small-business customers. With strong backgrounds in graph structures, computer vision, AI, and machine learning, we are well suited to boosting your business goals.

ONElab 瑞嘉軟體



協助超過 9,000 家中小型企業與新創減少 30% 以上人事作業時間‍

Incubit 日商因可比特


LH Network 立亨網絡


MediConCen 醫結

MediConCen is the next generation of medical network powered by blockchain technology. It is just another Uber for doctors that mobilizes latent supply allowing doctors to set their own price.

CoolBitX 庫幣

CoolBitX aims to lower the barriers for people to enter the crypto world. Making blockchain applications more approachable and compliant, allowing people to store cryptocurrencies easily and safely are our missions.

Cirrus Systems 希爾⼠科技

Cirrus Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of patented outdoor LED displays and horticultural lighting systems. Cirrus develops software packages to complement its suite of hardware solutions.

Aura 奥拉

2011年 Aura 成立于班加罗尔(印度), 2018年1月被中资收购并入宁波奥拉,被 EEtime 评为 2017 年最受关注的 60 家 IC 公司,印度唯一入选的公司。
管理与研发核心成员曾任职于美国知名半导体公司;开发团队的核心成员拥有累计 150 年全球芯片设计经验;运营团队具有全球芯片制造与质量管控经验;销售与技术支持更具有丰富经验。
Aura is a fabless semiconductor company innovating high performance IC products for IoT Radios, Timing and Portable Audio markets.