MemryX Inc is a USA-based startup company specializing in AI accelerator design, with office in Taipei. MemryX is backed by prominent investors and industry leaders, and offers a great career opportunity for both young and experienced engineers.

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What you will be doing

  • Offering on-site support and working with IC design team/FW team/CE team on IC bring up and verifications between Hsinchu and Taipei offices
  • Develop evaluation hardware platforms from spec study, schematic design, layout review, and PCB board verification
  • Develop BOM cost and competition analysis
  • Offer technical support for customer projects along with SW/FW engineers
  • PI/SI simulation experience and knowledge
  • Thermal simulation experience and knowledge

What we expect to see

  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical/Electronics Engineering or equivalent
  • Experience in designing electronics PCBs and relevant tools
  • Experience in developing embedded system products
  • Experience with high speed interfaces such as MIPI, USB3.0 Hub, PCIe
  • Experience with peripheral interfaces (USB3.0, I2S, UART, I2C, QSPI, SDIO)

What we would be happy to see

  • Master’s degree in Electrical/Electronics Engineering with relevant working experience
  • Knowledge about Artificial Intelligence, camera and imaging processing
  • Experience with FPGA, MCU-based design
  • Experience with Demo/EVB board development
  • Experience with using the SI/PI simulation tools
  • Experience with using the thermal simulation tools

技能標籤: asic, C, fpga  , github, linux, MCU, RTL, verilog

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    碩士畢,8年以上IC設計公司經驗,2年以上帶領DV團隊經驗,具VIP整合經驗,熟悉Makefile編寫和使用、Python3開發各種應用和自動化腳本、 能夠使用TCL進行腳本開發和自動化任務執行。