Aha是一家來自矽谷和紐約的新創軟體公司,正在打造 DeFi 產業的第一個 learn-to-earn 教育銀行。學生們不只可運用人工智慧、數據分析及客製化功能有效準備英文檢定及歐美升學考試,還能在過程中賺取學習代幣。

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Job Description

Highly proficient in all aspects of the creative process: including sketches, mood boards, wireframes and strategized web pages that drive results.

What It’s Like to Work Here as a Designer

  • Design Style
    • Our product design philosophy is simple, clear UI/UX.
    • Showing is more clear than telling, so we included a spreadsheet that contains all of the sites, products that we think have good UI/UX design.
  • Figma
    • All of our designers use Figma to design the UI and UX of our products.
    • We rely on Figma comments to communicate with our designers asynchronously. PMs will add feedback using Figma comments.


  • UI/UX, App/Web, Design related background studies
  • More than one year of RWD web app web, graphic and visual design-related experience
  • Ability to design web pages, develop pages, and control the progress
  • Maintenance of visual design-related content
  • Familiar with basic front-end web technologies, such as CSS, HTML
  • Website Layout design and understanding of front-end interactive effects and planning functions, with experience in developing RWD design version and cutting version
  • Familiar with Figma/Sketch/Xd and have web pages, graphic design, or other aesthetics related works ready for reference in the interview
  • UI/UX experiences in but not limited to company logo, website, app, user journey design and MVP IA, wire frame, mockups, prototype, user interviews
  • Ability in retouching and editing and layout of administrative documents
  • Platform and image website cutting and maintenance, marketing campaign page cutting
  • Communicate, coordinate, cooperate with relevant personnel and coordinate the execution of the project

This job offers you

  • Flexible time, full-remote work
  • Full-time or fixed term (contract-based) employment
  • Performance-based rewards and bonus

技能標籤: CSS, front-end, html, UI, UX

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    學士畢,具有5年以上網頁開發經驗,並有4年用Vue.js開發Javescript框架經驗,熟UI Design, Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe XD,能夠以葡萄牙文、英文及中文溝通。