MemryX Inc is a USA-based startup company specializing in AI accelerator design, with office in Taipei. MemryX is backed by prominent investors and industry leaders, and offers a great career opportunity for both young and experienced engineers.

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Who You Are

  • You are an open and honest communicator who values your team
  • You are innovative, enjoy bringing new ideas to the table and are receptive to ideas and feedback from others
  • You’re passionate about advancing the state of the world through new technology
  • You enjoy the ambiguity and pace of a startup environment

The role

This leadership role will be responsible for the overall SOC and System Architecture efforts at MemryX. It is a highly visible role collaboratively working with our AI (MPU) architecture towards the next-gen multi-chip module with ownership of the System/Platform Architecture, SOC Uncore micro architecture, choice of IPs, detailed implementation spec, high level modeling, and KPI/PPA metric validation.

What you will be doing

  • Explore, define, and implement the System and SOC architecture for the unique dataflow based near-memory MemryX’s AI architecture
  • Identify and implement solutions for scalable multi-chip platform enabling all DNN based edge AI requirements
  • Explore, identify, and integrate uncore IPs per product requirement. Define, model, and test the integration of all features for the next-gen SOC
  • Define and develop the system level integration for multi-chip end modules in various form factors. Drive customer and internal development platforms working with ODMs
  • Establish best practices for development, testing, documentation and reviews
  • Participate in strategic discussions for product features and roadmap

What we expect to see

  • BS/MS in EE/ECE with 15-20 years of experience in SOC design, VLSI and Systems
  • Top Education (College and GPA), and top VLSI industry experience
  • Hands-on experience with VLSI front end architecture, modeling, design, and validation
  • Experience in SOC pre and post Si, multiple TapeOuts, high performance/low power VLSI methods
  • Experience in system design, development, validation and deployment
  • Knowledge of back-end physical design, packaging, DFT, DFD
  • Understanding of the fundamentals of AI, specifically Deep Neural Networks
  • Proven leadership skills and track record in successful productization
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Self-driven with the ability to motivate and work across teams

What we would be happy to see

  • Language models, ADAS, and robotics neural network models
  • Application-specific accelerators understanding

技能標籤: SOC, vlsi