Who are we?

We started with an idea. An idea to revolutionize the way we consume energy and transform the urban city scape. To make that an idea a reality, we leveraged cutting edge technology and top talents in the market. Now in 2020, we are growing faster than ever, bring onboard new ideas, new faces and new dreams. We are more than just a smart scooter company, more than just an energy network company. We are a game changer for vehicle design. We are a trendsetter for software advancements. We are an industry leader for modern transport solutions. We are Gogoro.

Meet the team

As part of General Affairs Team and working in the C suite at Gogoro, you will have the opportunity to be in the very heart of Gogoro! Our General Affairs bring passion to everything they touch, providing Gogoro with top class service and supporting the whole company. Working in the C suite you will be surrounded by some of the worlds leading minds. These are the the people who made the dream of Gogoro a reality, are you ready to work along side them?


Executive assistant duties

  • Making and accepting phone calls
  • Sending memos, emails, and letters on behalf of the executive
  • Receiving visitors; handling scheduling; and more
  • They also act as gatekeepers, making decisions about who gets access to the executive and what information the executive receives.


  • Accounting/bookkeeping
  • Calendar management
  • Client relations
  • Design and maintain a filing system
  • Organize meetings
  • Keep records
  • Arrange travel plans
  • Event planning
  • Preparing and processing expense reports

Essential Requirements

  • Communication skills: Executive assistants often serve as a gatekeeper, deciding which messages and which visitors or callers need to go directly to their employer, and which need to redirect or handled in some other way. This involves the ability to quickly glean information from those demanding time from their boss.
  • Time management: Anyone managing another person’s time, as executive assistants often do for their bosses, also need to be good at managing their own time.
  • Trustworthiness: Executive assistants often have access to sensitive information, and the executives they work for need to trust them fully in order for them to be as efficient as possible at their jobs.
  • Multitasking: Executive assistants are regularly handling more than one task at a time while keeping tabs on their bosses’ schedules and keeping them on track.
  • Need to drive the car and motorcycle. (Between Taipei and Taoyuan/Linkou)

Additional Requirements

  • 大學以上學歷
  • 英文:聽說讀 寫,精通以上程度

技能標籤: communication, office