Welhunt has well acknowledged the market background and trend to confront any situation proactively, addressing our imperatives. We have put cost control and efficiency of our businesses on the top agenda through developments of mid to long term company strategy that include substantial investment in differentiating upstream and downstream assets in core and new geographies that allows us to control and utilize our cost efficiency management of commodities that we trade.

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  • 與國外業務密切合作,監督合同,信用狀和TT支付,文件,與供應商/客戶/船舶的交叉貨運協調相關的業務
  • 確保履行合同/租船合同中產生的所有義務,並確保編制任何必要的要求並確保遵守制裁合規性和任何當地法規
  • 在協調期間,客戶和供應商的運營團隊之間的聯絡點,確保貨物的順利溝通和運營,並最大限度地降低滯期費用
  • 監控運輸物流
  • 進行信用狀支付:向供應商發放信用狀,從買方審查信用狀,從提示銀行交出信用狀文件並將信用狀文件提交給開證行
  • 協助交易者完成新交易的KYC程序
  • 確保將所有運營信息及時保存在公司的系統中,並確保保留足夠的記錄


  • Working closely with Trader overseeing operations relating to Contracts, LC & TT payment, Documents, Coordination of cross-trade shipments with Suppliers/Customers/Ship
  • Ensuring that all obligations arising from the contract/charter party are carried out, and that any necessary requirements are compiled with and Ensure adherence to Sanctions compliance and any local regulations
  • Contact point between the operation teams of customers and suppliers during co-ordination and ensure smooth communication & operation of shipments and minimize demurrage costs
  • Monitor shipping logistics
  • Conducting LC payment: issuing LCs to suppliers, reviewing the LC from buyers, surrendering the LC documents from advising bank and Submitting the LC documents to issuing bank
  • Assist Traders to accomplish the KYC procedure for new deals
  • Ensure that all Operational Information is saved on company’s systems in timely fashion and ensure that adequate records are kept


  • 勞健保、員工團保
  • 員工教育訓練
  • 年終獎金/三節禮品
  • 員工旅遊
  • 每月慶生茶會
  • 下午茶
  • 營養午餐/伙食津貼
  • 年度健康檢查
  • 明亮、舒適辦公環境
  • 結婚/生育/喪葬禮金
  • 團康活動


  • Labor &health insurance, employee group insurance
  • Employee training course
  • Year-end bonus/Holiday gift
  • Company trip
  • Monthly birthday tea party
  • Afternoon tea
  • Lunch box/Meal Allowance
  • Health examination
  • Comfortable working environment
  • Marriage/birth/funeral allowance
    Recreational activities

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