Deep Sentinel 是一家提供保全服務的新創公司,結合 AI 運算和遠端保全即時監控,主動嚇阻各種威脅。


We are a startup company from the United States. We are currently looking for excellent engineers to join the Taiwan
team. Welcome to join us.

Deep Sentinel was founded by Dave Selinger in California, USA in 2017. The founder has a wealth of entrepreneurial
experience, including companies with successful IPOs. The company currently has approximately 40 people, with its
headquarters in California, and engineering teams in the United States and Taiwan.

Deep Sentinel is a startup company that provides security services, combining AI computing and remote security real-time
monitoring to actively deter threats. Currently offers 2 products/services:

1. Webcam with AI image recognition: It is mainly provided to general consumer households. Combined with the mobile APP,
users can receive events. For example, when a stranger enters the user’s private territory, the webcam will immediately
notify the user through the APP.
2. Subscription-based remote security service: After the user subscribes and pays, Deep Sentinel’s remote security will
assist the user to deal with any incident 24 hours a day. For example, when a thief attempts to break through the door
in the middle of the night, our remote security will call the police immediately, effectively reducing the loss of life
and property.


Deep Sentinel 於 2017 年的美國加州,由 Dave Selinger 創立,創辦人有豐富的創業經歷,其中不乏成功 IPO 的公司。目前公司大約有 40 人,總部位於美國加州,工程團隊分別位於美國和台灣。

Deep Sentinel 是一家提供保全服務的新創公司,結合 AI 運算和遠端保全即時監控,主動嚇阻各種威脅。目前提供 2 種產品/服務:

1. 具有 AI 影像辨識的網路攝影機:主要提供給一般消費家庭使用,結合手機 APP,使用者可以收到事件,例如有陌生人進入使用者的私有領土時,攝影機會立刻透過 APP 告知使用者。
2. 訂閱制的遠端保全服務:使用者訂閱並付費後,Deep Sentinel 的遠端保全會 24 小時協助使用者處理任何事件,例如當小偷企圖在半夜闖空門,我們的遠端保全會警告對方,並立刻報警,有效減少生命財產損失。

主要商品 / 服務項目

Deep Sentinel, a home security startup that leverages cameras, AI, and around-the-clock monitoring to prevent break-ins,
auto theft, and other domestic crimes.


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  • Team building:紅酒課、繪畫課、按摩、桌遊…
  • 和不同地區的團隊工作:台灣、美國、澳洲、中國等,更有機會長期外派至美國工作,直接體驗矽谷工作狀況!冬天滑雪、夏天衝浪,不再是夢想…


David SelingerCEO
  • David Selinger founded Deep Sentinel in 2016 when he saw the potential for AI to radically reinvent the legacy home security market.

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