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DeFi Revolution: Tokenbricks introduces a way for crypto wallet holders to hold coins backed by the same types of financial instruments that banks, insurance companies and governments use: mortgages, land development loans, vehicle loans, student loans, promissory notes, etc.

MediConCen 醫結

MediConCen is the next generation of medical network powered by blockchain technology. It is just another Uber for doctors that mobilizes latent supply allowing doctors to set their own price.

CoolBitX 庫幣

CoolBitX aims to lower the barriers for people to enter the crypto world. Making blockchain applications more approachable and compliant, allowing people to store cryptocurrencies easily and safely are our missions.


XREX helps blockchain-focused organizations save time and money with product development, production maintenance, security, scalability, and compliance efforts.

企業徵才專區 Enterprise Recruitment

JECHO 除了公開招募職缺,更有許多低調徵才企業,包含不少跨國、新創、供應商、金融等產業職缺將收錄於此區,內含基本企業介紹、職缺內容,邀請求職者一探究竟!


Relativity is building integrated and personalized financial assistance engines to help each individual make the best data-driven decisions. We believe our combination of the latest market data and advanced recommendations will revolutionize personal finance.

Dinngo 夾梓星冰樂

成立於美國舊金山的 DINNGO,是一間成長快速且穩定的區塊鏈公司。我們看見區塊鏈的技術將在未來緊密地被金融產業所採納,也感到非常的幸運能夠集結一群來自各個領域的優秀人才。希望在未來的五年內,讓金融真正的走入大家的日常生活中。

Adenovo 諦諾智金

諦諾科技應用人工智慧與物聯網技術,為金融機構建立快速精準的風險評估平台,加速全球資金流動;目前主要應用於亞太地區的汽車貸款評估與風險管理。2016 年的營收已達 700 萬美元,並獲得阿里巴巴資金投資,未來更將拓展到東京與矽谷。

Anue 鉅亨網