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Provide immediate market trend and company inside news for you.

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We can offer valid recommendations for you according to your career plans.

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Track the result of your resume and interview, so as to ease your anxiety.

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Protect your personal data strictly, especially your wish to look for different opportunities.
It’s our goal to give every candidate essential advice timely.

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Top 5 Leaders!
Team leaders of 5 fields in IT industry
Lorene Wang
Cheerful, easygoing, passionate, greatly enhance the opportunities for interviews and admissions.
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Sales BD Branding Android System/App Linux Kernel Power Protocol
Vic Yeh
Understand professional skills, patiently listen, and carefully analyze careers to make effective recommendations.
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HR DBA DevOps Java ASP.NET Linux
Jim Hsieh
A driven, passionate, and resilient problem solver with strong business sense and the know-how of innovation.
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Frontend iOS Android Embedded System Camera
Matt Hsu
Literary advertising, marketing and events, and years of overseas business experience can help get the job.
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AI Algorithm UI UX UR Business Development
Teleny Chang
Come to understand candidates' demands patiently, offering the best career advice.
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Embedded Linux Driver System Application

The founder of Jecho has been dedicated to headhunting and recruiting for over 10 years,
and guide the consultant team with strong IT industry background.


We can provide customized resume and proficient salary negotiation,
offering better career options for you.