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Free consultant to help you securing job

We are the industry-proven and recognized professional headhunter consultancy, acute awareness of market trends. We are in tune with the most great but undisclosed job vacancies in the market, with deep understanding of job scope and content, as we provide long-term and strategic career planning and recommendations based on your personal characteristics and needs, while subjecting your resume for the perusal of corporations in 5 seconds, as well as, providing post-interview tracking feedback and salary negotiation advice, so we don’t just help to look for a job, but also help you to obtain the most suitable working opportunity at every stage of your career.

Free interview/resume consultation service

Along the path of job-seeking, there may have been many queries, such as, “Why companies are not interested in your resume? How come not able to display your true strength at interviews? What’s the reason for not receiving offers? How to best negotiate salaries? Are you ready? In actual fact, the corporate recruitment standard may not be as you have imagined. With resume-composition bible based on big data, as well as, must-know useful tips in interview skills, we will thoroughly analyze your resume, rehearsing interview scenarios, so as to help you rid of your job-seek Achilles’ Heel, and help you shine in your true color in having impressive interview performance.

Info on more job vacancy, in the know of news and intelligence

We are constructing the group-and-match platform for all vacancies of engineers and mid-top tier management. Seaming up the manpower gap of innovative technology sector, acutely aware of first-hand job vacancy information. We understand the job details very well, industry reputation, welfare system and salary range, etc., all to minimize the asymmetric circumstances of job-seeking process, as well as, through quality communication to build a better job-seek environment, so as to help you and hiring parties to find the best partnering alliance.

Mid-top tier job vacancy, the best choice in advancing your career

In contrary to HR bank, Jecho does not just provide opportunities and channels, but also mid-top tier working opportunities, with ample and continual employment market trends in mind, we seek to understand your current needs and thinking, including personality, background, professional skill-set and family situations, etc., and to provide you with substantial recommendations for long-term development, all with the aim of helping to power you throughout the job-seeking process, and ultimately, secure the offer you want.

Provide overseas working opportunities

Want to know whether you are up for overseas jobs? Want to know which country is best suited for you to work in? The team, with wealth of overseas experiences, possesses working opportunities of many renowned overseas corporations, as we help you to reach out for opportunities to work with partners from all over the world. We can reach every corner of the world, in help you to establish a more strategic network of people, to elevate your international visibility, so as to allow the world to see who you are, and what you are about.

Join local and international renowned corporations

As Jecho brings together up to 500 vacancies, consolidated from many renowned corporations of great potentials, great development outlook or multi-national scale, we can help you to score the perfect role for you! Vacancies in companies such as, industry up-and-comer start-up’s, renowned innovative companies with great potentials, and multi-national corporations, Jecho has all their vacancies. To find the companies that truly appreciate your talents in a more effective and efficient manner, Jecho is your one-stop solution.

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Successful Cases

Insurance IT CompanySr. Software QA Lead

David Lin

Jecho consultant miss Lu is extremely helpful on seeking opportunities for her clients. From a client perspective, she’s a responsible, detail orientated, and a professional advisor. She understands her clients’ needs and always keeps her clients up to date with all the important information and reply them in a timely matter with high efficiency. She is also very thoughtful to remind her clients and provide tips before interviews so that they can be well prepared in advance. From my co-operation and client experience with her, I would say it is lucky and my honor to have she as my advisor for career planning and opportunity seeking to help me to become successful in my future career.
NetgearQA Lead

Nick Yang

Jecho 顧問是我認識中算熱心的專員,會替我追蹤每個環節,求職途中有任何疑問,都熱心去向公司洽詢,並且很快可以得到回應。經由 Jecho 我得到了一份不論是薪資或是工作內容都很滿意的公司,因此我極力推薦 Jecho 給想要轉職的求職者。
IT CompanyAssistant Manager

Wang Shun-Ying

之前透過 Jecho 顧問的媒合,找到現在的工作。不但嘗試了最熱門的互聯網開發,更體驗了中國的企業文化,為我的職場生活重新注入活水,非常感謝他與貴公司的協助。 Jecho 顧問能夠站在比較客觀的立場,分析不同職缺的優劣,也會因應每個人對工作的需求提出建議。當工作機會可能發生變化時,會及早介入,幫忙探察新的機會,是個主動積極的協助者。讓我非常放心跟他分享好的人才或目前工作上的變化。希望 Jecho 能持續發揮所長,幫助更多的求職者找到理想的位子。