Minimum qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical, Electronic or Computer Engineering, a related field, or equivalent practical experience.
  • 5 years of experience in embedded system design, driver development, C/C++, firmware development
  • Experience with MCU and/or CPU/GPU based systems
  • Experience with ARM-based products
  • Team player

Preferred qualifications:

  • Advanced degree in Electrical Engineering or a related field.
  • Experience solving complex system issues, technical innovation, and driving technical roadmap.
  • Experience in developing electrical engineering design practices such as running design review, failure analysis, and requirements gathering.
  • Coaching of junior engineers
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English

About the job

As a Firmware Engineer, you design and build the systems that are the heart of our solution. You work together with your colleagues in Taiwan and US to build our high-quality system. You will mostly work in the office in Taiwan, occasionally work from home and are willing to travel to the US on an as needed basis.


  • Work with cross-functional teams to develop requirements and design solutions for next generation systems.
  • Lead new design concepts through exploration, prototyping, development, and into mature production.
  • Design, implement, debug, and characterize complex embedded systems with an emphasis on reliability, high availability, user friendliness, image quality, power efficiency
  • Collaborate with other team members, including hardware, software, mechanical engineering, industrial design, and external partners.

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  1. 負責顧問
    以下內容由 JECHO 顧問群向人選取得面試回饋,或由人選主動提供,請勿任意轉載。

    6年 ARM-based MCU firmware 開發經驗,並有豐富 ASIC 設計經驗。

    興趣度還不錯,有三位面試官,都很友善,也提供非常多的資訊,技術上沒有問得很深入,測驗大概 5-10 分鐘,主要專注在遇到困難時解決辦法及如何做決定等等。Cirrus 在 LED panel 上很成熟,也感覺出很積極轉型,未來可以學到很多東西,能學到新東西會更好。

  2. 負責顧問
    以下內容由 JECHO 顧問群向人選取得面試回饋,或由人選主動提供,請勿任意轉載。

    碩士畢業,9 年以上軟硬體開發經驗,會 FPGA Verification、了解 ARM 架構及 USB 介面,同時也有記憶體相關背景。

    面試時間約 50 分鐘,豐富的 RTOS、MCU 經驗蠻引起主管注意,但此職位同時需要 Linux 背景。
    主要在互相了解,會聊到程式語言、架構,並介紹 Cirrus 發展方向及未來計劃,並聊到薪資。