Cirrus is a technology company unlike any other digital sign manufacturer. We do more than provide revolutionary LED displays; we provide an ecosystem of hardware and software that help our customers reap extraordinary results from their on-premise marketing efforts. In fact, our digital signage makes money!

The revolutionary BladeM high-resolution display can increase revenue by up to 150 percent. Any business or organization looking to grow by providing effective, relevant messaging about its products or services would benefit greatly from our interconnected system of hardware and software.

History of Cirrus

Cirrus was founded in 2012 by our CEO, David Rycyna, in an effort to simplify the complexity that existed in the LED digital signage industry. At that time, turnarounds were one to three months, and displays were incredibly heavy and difficult to install. The displays had many moving parts and components that could fail, and changing content required a tethered computer. The market was ripe for disruption!

The objective… deliver an incredibly lightweight, modular system that ships in 24 hours and makes installs super simple. Also introduced, the first true cloud-based content management system.


  • 2018 — International Sign Association (ISA) Business Solution/Software Top Innovator Award
  • 2018 — New England Business Association Top Innovator Nominee
  • 2018 & 2017 — Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S.


That dream was to create an LED display system which could be assembled outside of a factory environment and to create a screen of any size or configuration. Our goal was to eliminate lead time to create a better experience for our customers while allowing sign design professionals and installers to become intimately aware of what they could create with the customization of LED display in their signage designs.


A manufacturer of patented outdoor LED displays and horticultural lighting systems. Cirrus develops software packages to complement its suite of hardware solutions.

  • LED Displays
  • LED Lighting
  • LED Billboards
  • Electronic Message Centers
  • Horticultural Lighting
  • Grow Lights

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  1. 負責顧問
    , 職缺名稱: QA engineerReply
    以下內容由 JECHO 顧問群向人選取得面試回饋,或由人選主動提供,請勿任意轉載。

    自動化設備、創建及設計、執行開發等領域有 6 年以上經驗,熟客戶管理、C++、C#、MATLAB、PLC 技術。

    對於面試官清楚介紹公司背景印象深刻,了解企業準確求才需求及對於這個職位、工作內的期待。整體來說和過去經歷稍有出入,但因為有 lab 經驗,驗證、認證在這邊是用得上。
    這裡工作內容比較廣,很有挑戰性,整體來說很像面試主管的左右手,協助監管 RD 跟 QA testing、及報告認證、客戶端接口,而主要是以 Scrum 模式運營,很加分也更吸引我。
    若有機會希望更進一步了解 RD、QA等之間的工作模式。

  2. 負責顧問
    , 職缺名稱: Senior firmware engineerReply
    以下內容由 JECHO 顧問群向人選取得面試回饋,或由人選主動提供,請勿任意轉載。

    碩士畢業,9 年以上軟硬體開發經驗,會 FPGA Verification、了解 ARM 架構及 USB 介面,同時也有記憶體相關背景。

    面試時間約 50 分鐘,豐富的 RTOS、MCU 經驗蠻引起主管注意,但此職位同時需要 Linux 背景。
    主要在互相了解,會聊到程式語言、架構,並介紹 Cirrus 發展方向及未來計劃,並聊到薪資。

  3. 負責顧問
    , 職缺名稱: Senior firmware engineerReply
    以下內容由 JECHO 顧問群向人選取得面試回饋,或由人選主動提供,請勿任意轉載。

    6年 ARM-based MCU firmware 開發經驗,並有豐富 ASIC 設計經驗。

    興趣度還不錯,有三位面試官,都很友善,也提供非常多的資訊,技術上沒有問得很深入,測驗大概 5-10 分鐘,主要專注在遇到困難時解決辦法及如何做決定等等。Cirrus 在 LED panel 上很成熟,也感覺出很積極轉型,未來可以學到很多東西,能學到新東西會更好。