• As a delivery and operation maintenance manager at the front-line, contact with client’s IT security personnel, responsible for: Discussion and analysis of client’s technical requirements, designing solutions of security products, security products maintenance and dealing with security risk events
  • Based on Tencent Cloud’s current security issues, push and guide company towards the amelioration and enhancement of relevant security products and services.
  • Dig out VIP clients’ potential pain points and provide security solutions accordingly that can lead to clients’ second purchase.

Essential Requirements

  • Fluent in both Chinese and English which will be used in daily work environment.
  • More than 5 years’ experience in security-related area, client-oriented, in-depth understanding of clients’ security requirements and ability to work under complex environment.
  • Understand cloud computing security architecture, familiar with public cloud and private cloud products. Candidates with experience in plan-designing and implementation and operation & maintenance in large projects or companies are preferred.
  • Candidates with professional experience in system and business security assessment, penetration testing, vulnerability analysis and remediation, major security incident emergency response are preferred.

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    逾 10 年的工作經驗,網路安全與解決方案的架構師,擁有跨領域及團隊管理整合、合作經驗。


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