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Gmobi 通用移動

GMobi 由聯發科、趨勢科技、新加坡電信及中華開發等頂尖企業投資,擁自行開發的完整移動服務平台,提供全球超過 100 家手機品牌商及電信商一站式優質的移動網路服務,支援超過 2000 款 Android 裝置。目前全球用戶超過 1 億 5 千萬,並以每月 700 萬的速度成長。

Adwise 坴發網訊

Adwise.Agency provides a full range of online promotion services and boost the direct sales for their advertisers. They own the exclusives top CIS, world websites and direct partnership in Asia, which targeting perfect options for advertising campaigns, fair prices and individual approach.