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Synergies 訊能集思

Synergies Intelligent Systems, Inc. devotes to developing an artificial intelligence business decision platform. Through data insight, behavior forecasting, and process automation, Synergies assists enterprises in solving problems in daily operations, production and sales supply chain, production manufacturing processes, and achieving an intelligent management through data analysis.

Incubit 日商因可比特

Incubit is a leading AI solutions provider headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with a branch office in Taipei, Taiwan. We are a group of individuals with a passion for creating solutions to interesting problems of great social significance by making the best of our abilities.

reddoor 紅門互動

紅門互動是一間AI數據公司,我們成立11年以來,致力於以人工智能 (AI) 整合數位科技應用,為企業打造專屬「CDP顧客數據中心」,除了研發AI大數據系統之外,我們也提供品牌電商代營運、會員代經營,以及媒體代投放等服務,就是從數據分析到產業洞察,從策略規劃到細節執行,紅門互動都是企業們營運上的最佳夥伴!

SAS Institute 賽仕電腦

We’re the leader in analytics. Through our software and services, we inspire customers around the world to transform data into intelligence. Our curiosity fuels innovation, pushing boundaries, challenging the status quo and changing the way we live.

thingnario 慧景科技

We devise deep learning based computer vision algorithms in recognition, detection, mining, and forecasting over large-scale photos and videos and numerous cameras types. We reveal valuable and hidden insights from your unstructured visual data.

Deep Codify 深橋

面對多變的全球電商市場,為客戶提供全方位的電商解決方案,排解跨境銷售的各種痛點。 透過多元化服務的附加價值,提升商品競爭力,為客戶造就最大的優勢。

Wasai 偉薩科技

偉薩科技專注在 Big data 軟硬體整合優化解決方案。核心技術為大數據資料處理加速引擎,包含優化資料處理程式(Apache Hadoop™與Apache Spark™),以及大數據資料處理專用加速晶片平台(FPGA),並進一步結合 FPGA 之硬體加速,與程式平台優化的軟硬整合技術。

BQool 葳騰科技

BQool 是台灣少見的專注海外市場 SaaS 公司,致力於研發完善易用的雲端服務平台,並協助全球大型商家有效管理賣方評價、商品排名、和智慧型調價機制。目前主要產品是為全球 Amazon 商家提供多通路電子商務雲端解決方案,目前有10,000 個以上的商家使用。