• Work closely with engineering and designer team to develop and execute DINNGO product roadmap
  • Work closely with marketing customer success teams to help shape the product in line with user expectations
  • Conduct and analyze user research
  • Partner cross-functionally with business development, engineering, operations, marketing, design, and customer success teams to understand business needs, define product requirements, and balance short and long-term product priorities
  • Project manage workflows, provide technical guidance, and advocate & implement new product features
  • Prioritize product development and build product improvements to meet business needs and help drive efficiency
  • Identify glitches in product and bring in solutions
  • Leverage industry best practices to build and optimize scalable processes to prepare the company for hyper growth
  • Report directly to the CEO

Essential Requirements

  • Experience working alongside engineering and design teams
  • Clear ability to understand engineering tradeoffs
  • A clear understanding of design tradeoffs
  • Ability to execute well with cross-functional teams and to balance multiple projects, deadlines, and responsibilities at the same time
  • Experience as product manager with one or more successful products
  • Be able to communicate clearly to both technical and non-technical people as well as internal and external stakeholders
  • A problem-solving mindset with an exceptional attention to detail
  • Strong analytical thinking and efficient execution who can drive results quickly with high quality
  • You know a thing or two about cryptocurrencies and blockchain
  • Extremely passionate about their work → all in
  • No excuse leadership and ability to inspire those around you

Desirable Pluses

  • Academic background in computer science (BSc or MSc)
  • It’s a plus if you have worked in a startup environment before
  • It’s a plus plus if you have demonstrated product leadership in the past in FinTech, blockchain or crypto business
  • It’s a triple plus if you are fun to work with


技能標籤: cryptocurrencies, fintech

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