• Be responsible for the operation work of the Tencent Cloud Business Management Platform, involving the operation of Customer Quotation, Project Management and the Ecological Management
  • Be responsible for the data extraction and problem solving of the Billing, such as recharge, withdrawal, collection, invoice reconciliation and adjustment, order and resource
    • Management , life cycle and special privilege, cash coupon and invoice
  • Be responsible for the customer data extraction such as the domains of income, cost, LTC and the MTL

Essential Requirements

  • Bachelor degree or above, major in mathematics, computer and related fields is preferred
  • More than 5 years’ experience of the product operation and 2B domains, operation experience of the cloud products is preferred
  • Good logic and structured thinking, solving the business and customer problem through the product concept
  • Good owner awareness of the product, good self-management, strong power on adapting the environment and keeping passion under pressure
  • Good documentation skills, having good understanding of the product, billing and the data system construction, finding the user pain points, business continuous optimization

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  1. Consultant in charge
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    在東南亞地區有 5 年電子商務、電子支付經驗,擅長 Data 分析、業務開發、專案整合。

    第一階段面試時間不長,主要想了解人選的背景經歷,由 HR 進行。


    第三關面試,沒有介紹面試官背景,但隱約察覺面試關所屬階層很高,提問相當切中要點,也詢問更多金流及產品策略面的問題,如:對金流管道的選擇策略、產品維運與未來 2B 的想法。整體面試進行流暢,雖然面試官並沒有明顯表示回饋,但已聊到期待薪資,等待後續通知!

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