We aim to find and develop ambitious candidates who aim to become an expert in this field. We offer the well-rounded on-the-job training program to cultivate talents become a professional Technical Support Engineer who can provide professional suggestions, and be an accountable consultant to our clients for their Asia-Pacific facing business.

Currently, our clients are several multinational industries. Most of them are publicly traded gaming companies. They run live platforms for Desktop and Mobile which involve real-time streaming video and RNG games. We also provide services to the E-commerce industry who wants to develop their business in Asia.

Our ideal candidate has a good base of technical skills, cross-functional and customer-facing communication skills, who is able to speak and write at a conversational level in both Mandarin Chinese and English. He or she is excited to get in on the ground level of a new and exciting software business.


  • Troubleshooting and Resolution
  • Alarm Handling and Escalation
  • Client Interaction
  • Documentation and Reporting

Must Have:

  • Experience with commercial CDN’s and monitoring technologies.
  • Experience with cloud infrastructures like AWS, GCP, and other cloud platforms.
  • Capable to manage, monitor, and support for our clients’ network infrastructure, servers and services.
  • Monitor our clients’ services and respond to graph/log anomalies, system alerts.
  • Follow up proactively with internal or external parties for issue resolution progress.
  • Knowledge about CDN configuration and operations.
  • Knowledge of HTTP, TLS, and SSL.
  • Knowledge of TCP/IP and DNS protocols.
  • Summarize and report on monitored systems for service improvement.

Bonus Points:

  • Background in Linux / Unix Administration.
  • Able to automate processes and workflows via Shell, Python, or similar scripting languages.
  • Experience with build and release automation.
  • Experience with Network and Synthetic monitoring systems, gathering metric. collection, visualization, including trend statistical analysis.
  • Experience building and administering LAMP or distributed web applications, and related open-source software.


  • Conversational in both English (equivalent to TOEIC 650) and Chinese.
  • Identify issues according to SOPs and experience, accelerate identified issues for resolution when necessary.
  • Good troubleshooting skills to break down complex issues and find the root cause on system issues.
  • Problem-solving skills. Able to understand requirements and constraints from both sides of integration.
  • Ambition. There will be many opportunities to improve this process and expand the role and team in the coming months.
  • We want somebody who is excited to build a business with us.
  • Self-motivation. Able to work unsupervised.

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  1. Consultant in charge
    The interview reviews are provided by JECHO candidates, any unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.

    多年支援 Azure / IOT 的經驗,並擅長 Linux Make、Java、Python、C/C#、Shell Script、Bash Script 等技術。

    面試時間約 1.5 小時,3 位面試官,包含 HR、Software Director、總經理。
    很喜歡面試官,職位以 streaming 居多,也有 cloud service,整體互動良好、過程算愉快,二面會與菲律賓主管面談,英文能力要好。

  2. Consultant in charge
    The interview reviews are provided by JECHO candidates, any unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.


    面試時間 1.5 小時,HR 先提到通勤相關問題,接著工程師問了過去問題解決經驗、工作內容,總經理聊到了薪資、技術、到職日等等。

  3. Consultant in charge
    The interview reviews are provided by JECHO candidates, any unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.

    擁有前、後端、相機系統等超過五年的開發經驗,精通 C/C++。

    有試前作業,主要是 linux 系統操作,限時兩小時。
    面試 2.5 小時,由 HR、tech lead、CEO 進行。
    聊到過往專案經歷,CEO 詢問到個性,並分享薪資結構,過程會簡單介紹工作內容,主要協助客戶解決 live streaming 的問題,需要懂一些 DevOps 內容,未來定位會偏向顧問,故也要熟悉網路。

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