2020 / 03 / 22
Social Media Marketing Specialist

I applied for a digital marketing strategist position at a medical startup via Linkedin. After that, I was notified by e-mail that I was selected for the interview stage. There were two stages of interviews: HRD interview and user interview.

In the HRD interview stage, I filled the DISC personality assessment and the interviewer asked about my strengths and weakness. In the user interview stage, the interviewer was the marketing and sales department manager. The manager asked me matters related to digital and social media marketing to test my understanding of the matter. I am also asked about how much time I can spend to learn new marketing tools and methods.

After that, I was requested to create three samples of writing related to the product with two days deadline. I delivered it on time. Two weeks later, I was notified through e-mail that I was accepted as the role.

Baskoro Aris Sansoko