CoolBitX 於2014年創立,是 Fintech 和區塊鏈產業中硬體冷錢包的技術先驅,並提供最新的加密貨幣交易法遵解決方案。

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The Role

As the CoolWallet Product Lead, you will be responsible for managing the status and performance of product team members, including product managers, product marketing managers, designers, and data analysts. You will need to develop product strategies and roadmaps and communicate with internal and external technical teams to ensure product quality and timeline. Additionally, you will work closely with the business marketing team to successfully launch the product into the market.

The Product Manager will mostly focus on the product development of Coolwallet and act as the product owner of the product. By providing new product insights and ideas that drive the growth of one of the most promising crypto startups in the world.

The Company

CoolBitX (CBX) was founded in 2014 and quickly became one of the leading companies in the crypto industry that specialise in cold wallet storage and AML travel rule compliance solutions. CBX was nominated as the worldwide Blockchain 50 companies by CB Insights in 2020, and was jointly nominated by the government’s startup communities and industry key opinion leaders to become one of the nine startups as NEXT BIG representatives. Joining CBX will be an exciting opportunity to participate in an epic-changing industry and company which will define the market trends for the upcoming decades just like the internet did in the 90s.


  • Lead the product team to design and execute product strategy and roadmap to achieve company objectives
  • Act as the product owner promoting to both internal and external stakeholders & coordinating resources to successfully initiate the advancement of the product
  • Determine the product’s features and characteristics, plan and optimize the product through partner visits, feedback collection, and market research
  • Ensure high-quality development progress and product quality, closely coordinate with the development team, and oversee testing and launch
  • Collaborate with the marketing team to address the pain points of current users effectively and to communicate technical aspects in user-friendly language, ensuring a seamless and straightforward experience for the target audience
  • Monitor the productivity and performance of the product, use data for analysis and feedback, and develop corresponding improvement measures
  • Lead the product team, provide guidance and support, motivate team members, and ensure effective communication and coordination among team members


  • More than 5 years of product management experience or experience in participating in product development, with preference given to those who have successfully launched products
  • More than 2 years of team management experience
  • Good communication skills, able to convey product vision to departments for understanding
  • Good leadership skills, able to manage multiple teams and coordinate work across different departments
  • Good data analysis and problem-solving skills, able to formulate improvement measures through data analysis and feedback
  • Able to understand customer needs, grasp blockchain market trends, and adjust product roadmap and strategy according to market conditions
  • Preference given to those with a high level of interest and insight in blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • Bonus: able to design tokenomics and token airdrop schemes


技能標籤: blockchain, crypto, PM