Partipost is building a platform that connects brands with genuine people to launch organic marketing campaigns. We believe in giving the crowd a voice, and that social media advocates have the power to call their followers into action. We are committed to building solutions with user experience as a priority.

Our team is looking for an engineering lead. As a startup with a rapidly growing user-base and a strong focus on adaptability, we are constantly rolling out new features and updates for both our web and mobile products. You will take the lead on ensuring our core products are architectured for scalability without compromising on the user experience. This role will be a mix of coaching the team with hands-on technical contribution.

If you’re passionate about delivering great user experiences and clean code, we’d love to meet you!


  • Take full ownership of designing and developing new features, working with cross functional teams to execute our roadmap.
  • Build up the team as a cohesive unit, mentoring individuals to develop their careers and continuously raising the team’s bar for engineering practices and product delivery.
  • Partner with key stakeholders to manage expectations and risks.

Essential Requirements

  • Comfortable with the core components of our stack (AWS, Django backend and React/RN client side).
  • Practical experience in shipping clean and testable code following industry best practices, preferably in a full-stack role in a product-centric company.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication, including written and verbal skills at different levels (designers, engineers, users, stakeholders).
  • A clear vision of the engineering team you’d like to build up and mentor.

Desirable Plus

  • Experience working with remote teams and developing a team in an early stage startup.

技能標籤: ci/cd, django, python, react

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  1. 負責顧問
    以下內容由 JECHO 顧問群向人選取得面試回饋,或由人選主動提供,請勿任意轉載。

    全端開發經驗超過 9 年,Golang、NodeJs、Python 等;5 年 SaaS 經驗等。

    面試過程全英文,面試官為台灣負責人,主要先討論彼此的文化契合度,對於新創公司的精神與想法,整體過程很順利,因此有介紹各部門主管(BD、OP、Marketing等)互相認識,並簡單討論公司產品需求及問題解決。目前希望這個位置是一個 leader 角色,能夠帶領工程團隊實現公司產品的需求及想法,公司的商業模式也已驗證過了,並互相留聯絡資訊保持聯絡。
    面試過程順利、和諧,要待二面和新加坡的 CEO、CTO 聊完,以更了解公司需求。

    更新,二面回饋:和 CTO 聊,沒有技術考試,主要是討論產品開發的想法、邏輯、團隊成長及技術層面的思考模式。
    並和 CTO 互相留下聯絡資訊,希望更深入了解各地公司的團隊合作模式、運作概況等。
    最後 Offer get !
    *Partipost 有一個吸引人的點是有機會和新加坡、印尼的團隊合作。